K-Rated Transformers

Technical Specifications Transformer â�¢ Double wound , High Isolation â�¢ Double sized neutral â�¢ Insulation class â��Hâ�� â�¢ Regulation is better than 3.5% â�¢ Overload rating of 100% for 10 secs â�¢ Core of CRGO and conductor of copper â�¢ Natural / Forced Air Cooled â�¢ As per IS:2026 standards â�¢ Attenuation: 80 db/100 db CMRR â�¢ Primary connect as DELTA, secondary connection as STAR â�¢ Efficiency of the transformer is minimum 98% K-Rated Isolation Transformer is to deliver conditioned power to a nonlinear highharmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic currents. In a data centre, all the distributed power loads are connected through a non linear power source, due to which HARMONICS generation is unavoidable. These generated Harmonics are flow back and directly effects the mains power source, which a UPS. The effect of harmonics de-rates the capacity of UPS. Hence 100% utilization of UPS capacity becomes wasted. The effect of harmonics also creates much heat in the transformers of UPS. To eliminate these direct effects on UPS, K-Factor Transformers are designed based on the harmonics present the load. The special design of K-Factor Transformer helps us to depend on much to eliminate or withstanding from the effects of Harmonics.

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